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Bev Plested

Bev Plested

Client Service Specialist


Bev Plested is a Client Service Specialist at Benson Wealth Management.  She brings a couple decades of experience helping manage and operate a small business along with training and more experience in office management. 

Bev is a communicator – likes to talk and is good at it with the skill of trying hard to explain things in a way to make them clear.  She loves to see how ideas can be turned into action, is highly organized and highly flexible and enjoys coordinating complex factors going into a project.  She loves to see others make progress and being able to assist them is one of the best experiences in the world for her.  And she loves people – never meets a stranger and has a knack for making people feel comfortable, drawing them in a group.

Bev has three children that she loves to spend time with whenever possible.   When not at work, she loves to be outdoors; kayaking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and working in her yard and garden are favorite activities.  She also loves hanging out with family & friends, playing group and table games, ballroom dancing, playing the piano, and reading.  She loves to travel both near and abroad and looks forward to exploring a lot more of the world!