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Never Forget

Never Forget

September 11, 2018

On September 11, 2001 I was eager to start my first day as a financial advisor. That morning I sat down to eat breakfast and flipped on the news as I always did as part of my morning routine. But that morning was not like the rest. Breaking News came flashing across the TV as I watched in disbelief. Such an unimaginable tragedy taking place right before our eyes, I was unable to digest the devastation. 

Just a few months later I was getting settled in at Morgan Stanley where we had just received a new Branch Manager. Upon introducing himself, he told us that he was from New York and was working in the Twin Towers when the tragedy struck. This immediately captivated everyone’s attention. He happened to be outside the building smoking a cigarette when the first plane hit, directly into his floor. Smoking may just have saved his life that day! 

This hit home to me, he was an ordinary guy, with kids and a family, going about his daily life and someone that I had aspired to be like being a newbie to the financial world. I think about this often and more so think about those lives lost, the loved ones left without, all the emergency responders, innocent citizens, passengers, bystanders, New York City and our impact on our great country. 

We will not forget. Where were you that September day?